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Three years on and three rescue miracles - Dulcies blog continued.....

Who can believe it has been three years since Dulcie made her blog debut!! What a star she is...and to add to the good news her 'Girl Gang' has expanded with the addition of Nancy and Phoebe - I feel the dog version of the Spice Girls on our hands!!

There has been so much on the news and TV recently about 'Puppy Farms' and it looks like finally there may be stricter laws on this barbaric practice. Although we hear a lot about the awful goings on in this awful trade we don't often hear the success stories.

This blog is actually an update on Dulcie and an introduction to her Sassy Sisters, they went through the ordeal of being kept on a puppy farm but were thankfully rescued by               'Many Tears Animal Rescue'. From there they went on to win the lottery and find themselves in the arms of the most fabulous owner they could ever wish for, here is their story as told by their doting Mum.

The Delightful Dulcie

Dulcie is a joy. She is so loving and affectionate.  Deciding to adopt her has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. She has grown a lot and the poor coat that worried me so much is now thick and luxuriant. She has a lot of blonde fluff on her head and legs which makes us think there is probably a bit of  Cocker Spaniel in the mix. She also has the Cocker spirit and bit of bonkersness that makes her fun to live with. Here she is with a little cup she was given at her training class for trying so hard. I was so proud of her. 

I was not so proud on the night she stole and ate a large bag of mixed fruit. Sorry and thank you Louise! Nor on the afternoon she stole and ate my birthday chocolates and only left me two orange creams. Sorry and thank you Colin! Apart from that she hasn’t ailed much at all. All those pilchards seem to have done the trick.
Nancy's Story.

This is Nancy. She has been with us for about two years now and she is the most frightened dog I have ever dealt with.
She came from an Irish puppy farm which was shown on Panorama. It was closed down as a result and about 130 dogs were rescued. I hadn’t watched the programme but a friend who is made of sterner stuff than me said the owner was keeping his breeding bitches in hutches like tea chests with a lid on with just a rabbit dripper for water. When I collected Nancy from her fosterer you simply could not handle her. She froze when I touched her and flew round the room like a mountain goat if I attempted to pick her up and hold her. She was terrified of anything coming down from above her, like the car boot. She wouldn’t take treats from my hand I had to put them on the floor and let her approach gradually. The key to Nancy was to take her out. She loved being outside from the start and once I got her collar and lead and harness with a long training lead on her she was happy and we were off! She has never run off, she has had first rate recall from the start. She is still a different dog outdoors. All the tension leaves her face and she is joyful and playful. She loves the car and stands up and watches everything going past.
She is still very wary and shy but she will ask for her turn if the others are having a cuddle and she will play with toys but stops if she sees me watching her. She is very vocal when asking for her dinner or telling me to open the door for her. She loves her comfort and is first in front of the woodburner after tea.
Even after two years she is making progress and every tiny step forward is a thrill. She is so pretty and absolutely adorable and her puppies must have made a lot of money for the creep who exploited her.

...Last of all came Phoebe about eighteen months ago.

Phoebe had spent about six years living in a puppy farm in Ireland producing pups for sale like a little machine. Her teats were nearly on the ground she had fed so many litters. She had broken teeth and a split tongue and I don’t like to think too closely about how that might have happened. They had had to shave her at he rescue she was in such a mess. She was very stressed and scared and she circled constantly for the first few days.

She has turned out to be the merriest, funniest, most loving little girl anyone could imagine. She sings happily to me as I make her meal and will sleep on my knee all evening. She loves her walks and sniffing new smells. We have started classes and she is absolutely tip top at heel work, her eyes never leave me. Anything else is pretty hopeless, she is far too anxious to do anything that involves letting me walk away from her in a strange environment. She loves her new life and she acts like she thinks she is the luckiest girl in the world.

So if anyone is thinking of taking on an ex breeder as a rescue my advice would be….It’s not for the faint hearted and don’t expect them to be grateful. It can be long journey and I have needed all my experience and optimism. But the rewards have been in the thrill of each step along the way and the pleasure I have had from earning their trust and love. 

All these dogs came from Many Tears Animal Rescue in South Wales. They specialise in rescuing ex puppy farm breeders and have a network of fosterers and supporters all over the country. Currently there is greater awareness and  there is a possibility that Lucy’s Law might  be enacted to put an end to this barbarous industry. We can only hope so.        


I hope this is interesting for you. By the way I don’t get steak at the Ivy! Let alone them. You have a vivid imagination about my life. I wish!  Their favourite tea is fish in all its forms, the smellier the better and then they give fishy kisses.

This has been a blog of mixed emotions for me, on one hand it is heart breaking to hear what these beautiful souls have been through and to know that there are thousands of puppies this very second going through the same. On the other hand I could burst with sunshine reading how far these three beauty's have come along and how their lives couldn't be more different than before. They are three very special girls with an extra special owner.

Please share this blog - it is such an important message to spread and people need to know how in this day and age Puppy farms ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE!!

If you would like to read more please have a read of 'Dulcies Blog' in the link below.

Thank you so much for reading this blog, my next blog will cover what to look for in a breeder so watch this space.........
All credits for this blog should go to Dulcie, Nancy and Phoebes Mum, thank you again for keeping us updated and lock up those chocolates haha!!xxx


Tuesday, 27 October 2015

From Rags to Riches - Dulcies Blog.xx

Just over three years ago we had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Dulcie who was rescued from a puppy farm. Here is her story as told by her proud mum.

Me and
The anxious looking little spaniel sitting on Cheryl's lap was Dulcie. It was her first full day in her new home after making the long journey from South Wales up to Lancashire via a series of foster homes. She had come to the vet's to be checked over.

'Team Dulcie' aka Paul and Colin!!

It had been about ten days since Dulcie had been rescued from her life as a puppy farm breeder. She was thin and had been infested with a variety of parasites. Her foster mother told me she was very dirty and smelly and her feet and belly were stained yellow from urine. Her little body was covered with scabs from scratching and she had bald patches from rubbing against the bars of her cage. Her muscle tone was poor and she tired quickly. She is about eighteen months old and had produced and fed at least one litter despite being undernourished.
This was Dulcies skin when she first arrived in our care.
 She had recently been spayed at the rescue centre. But she was surprisingly confident and her tail never stopped wagging. It seems that Dulcie had not experienced the worst case scenario of puppy farming. She looked to humans for comfort and was bright and optimistic. Some ex breeders are totally shut down and traumatised.
Click on the link above for more information on why Puppy Farms are bad news!!

It is a horrifying statistic that approximately one third of puppies on the market come from this unregulated trade. Puppies are shown to unwary buyers with a nice looking bitch purported to be the mother and the next week another litter will be brought in to be shown with the same dog to the next unsuspecting group of purchasers.
Image result for against puppy farms

 It is a huge and lucrative business, often carried on through on line advertisements. Puppies are bred from unhealthy and stressed dogs in appalling conditions. Even blind bitches or dogs with serious defects will be used to produce puppies for sale to the public. Such puppies sometimes die shortly after sale. It is  heartbreaking. I have been asked why in this nation of so called dog lovers  this ghastly trade is not illegal. I have no answer.

Dulcie had never had the experiences that a puppy in a responsible home could expect. She had never been in a house, never had a cosy bed and treats and toys, never been for a walk or played in the sunshine. Everything was new and frightening. Television was a fascinating mystery. She was afraid of the dark and slept very badly.
Image result for dog best friend meme

Part of the adoption agreement was that there would be a calm, kindly dog already resident to be her companion and mentor. This has been crucial in Dulcie's transition into being a pet dog. She watches Jenny closely and copies everything she does. She watches for her reaction to new situations and draws courage from Jen's unflappable attitude. It has been a real bonus that Dulcie's arrival has had a very positive effect on Jenny who was missing the companionship of her litter sister.
I have been pleasantly surprised and relieved at the ease with which Dulcie has adapted to her new circumstances.

House training was sorted in a few days. Her recall is amazing, better than I have achieved with months of effort with other dogs. Sleeping has improved by giving her a well wrapped hot water bottle to snuggle up to in her crate. She quickly learned to walk on the lead, has put on some weight and is now strong and healthy. She is already beautiful but, when her new coat comes through, she will be stunning. Despite her poor treatment in her early life she is forgiving, loving and trusting. She is happy and playful and learning fast. Her delight in seeing and chasing a butterfly for the first time is something I will never forget.

My first experience of this kind of rescue has been wholly positive. I am aware that others take on much more difficult cases and they have my respect and admiration.
So Dulcie and I have made our lifelong contract. I will pay the bills and provide delicious food and luxurious conditions. She will give love and fun and friendship.

 Not a bad bargain.

Dulcie's search for her forever home has been successful. She's staying put.
Photos of Dulcie courtesy of Janine Bebbington.